Healing the Post Traumatic Organisation. Two Day Workshop, Online, June 2024


For managers, leaders and consultants who are interested to apply systemic thinking in relation to their leadership, consultancy and organisational development work

From 9:30 until 16:30

At Online | Zoom

£520. For registrations prior to March 31, 2024, the early bird fee of £440 applies.

The Systemic Development Partnership / info@systemicdevelopment.eu

Healing the Post Traumatic Organisation

Over recent years, the impact of trauma on the multiple contexts of our lives, has been more in the forefront of our experience – in relation to our planet, our world, society, politics, our organisations, cultures, relationships, roles and identities.

People connecting their handsThis workshop is for leaders, consultants or team members interested in making sense of organisational trauma and developing agency and skills in relation to organisational and team development.  There is no requirement of a formal leadership role, prior systemic training or other qualifications to attend this workshop.

In this workshop you will learn and apply concepts that help us to explore how we and our organisations have experienced trauma and imagine ways forward that enable productive and creative healing.

In this two day workshop you will

  • Explore how trauma can pierce and fragment the contextual layers of our working lives – our values, structures, cultures, relational and identity narratives, moral positioning and functionality.
  • Appreciate the ways that our narratives can be disrupted through processes of narrative disorganisation, dissociation and dominance.
  • Consider values and principles of post traumatic healing and repair that encourage patterns of team cohesion and coherence.
  • Develop specific reflections and actions for your leadership situations in relation to relevant practice contexts.

To facilitate dialogue and learning the number of participants is limited to 16.  The minimum number of participants is 6.


Theoretical foundations

  • Systemic and social constructionist theory of communication, culture, relationship, identity and episodic patterns (CMM)
  • Group analytic ideas about group cohesion.
  • Systemic ideas about trauma infused and trauma informed organisations.
  • Weingarten’s ideas about narratives of disruption, contextualising and connectedness and her witnessing model.




  • Definitions, narratives and team cohesion.
  • Trauma and perversion, ghosts and angels.
  • Application of Weingarten’s witnessing model to own situations.
  • Discussion of own contexts and implications for leadership and consulting practice.


  • Exploration of the processes and mechanisms of organisational healing.
  • Using principles of contextualising, connectedness, developing agency and choice.
  • Case illustration.
  • Participant related case work and reflections.




Dr Christine OliverChristine Oliver Dr Martin MiksitsMartin Miksits


Time and Venue

Seminar times are 9:30 to 16:30 (UK), both days.

We will meet on Zoom.

Systemic Leadership and Communication Venue 2Systemic Leadership and Consulting Venue 1

Cost and Registration

The cost for the two day workshop is £520 (excl. VAT). For applications and payments received prior to March 31, 2024 a reduced early bird fee of £440 (excl. VAT) applies.

  • registration possible as of now
  • confirmed place on the programme as of registration
  • payment within 10 days from registration

The above fees do not include VAT. We have a limited possibility to provide the course VAT exempt (without VAT) which we offer for self-paying individuals and charities that are not registered for VAT.

Organisational buyers such as businesses, local government and governmental organisations, universities and the NHS, registered for VAT, will be billed the full course cost plus VAT.

In case the course start has to be cancelled or deferred for any reasons participants will be reimbursed whatever they have paid.

Cancellation fee: 30% of fees up to 4 weeks before the workshop, 80% up to 1 weeks before the first workshop, thereafter 100%.


Dr Martin Miksits

Dr Christine Oliver

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