Systemic Strategic Skills for Managers

We have expertise and experience in designing and facilitating systemic strategic leadership training to enable sustenance, development and performance of systemic organisational practice for Local Authority Social Work. Systemic strategic skills enhance intervention in the immediate management context, wider organisational and cross organisational and political contexts. Systemic leadership theory embraces a variety of frames and tools for management, enabling the strategic leader to make sound situated judgements that fit their specific contexts and purposes.

Key topics include:

  • Appreciative stock taking
  • Understanding organisational contexts, narratives and patterns
  • Communication as action
  • Organisational story making and reflection processes
  • Strategic inquiry methodologies and tools
  • Organisational decision making
  • Organisational complexity and opportunity
  • Organisational stress and conflict
  • Managing transitions
  • Managing dialogical change
  • Managing process, relationship and performance
  • Managing self and reflexive resilience

Munro report

Forrester report