Reflexive, affirmative and imaginative development interventions

We co-evaluate the system’s logic, shown in its narratives and patterns of interaction, designing interventions that affirm organisational members current efforts and inspire and open possibilities for thinking and acting beyond existing patterns for organisational culture, relationship and identity. We enable each organisational member to increase their awareness and ability to contribute creatively and effectively to organisational life.

Our methodologies include Reflexive Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry, Systemic Questioning, Systemic Reflection, Systemic Story Making, Systemic Open Space; Systemic Café. We are invited into organisations to facilitate development when there is a need for coordinated development or change in relation to:

  • organisational or team vision
  • senior team coherence
  • communication processes
  • team identity
  • organisational culture
  • organisational and cross organisational relational patterns
  • organisational strategy
  • transitions and mergers
  • organisational life cycle