Supporting transformational leadership

Contemporary leadership requires conscious and disciplined awareness about how leadership acts construct and contribute to the organisational realities of which they are a part. In sustaining and leading change processes we encourage leaders to look in the relational and communication spaces between themselves and others to make sense of how their actions are communicating and negotiating the territory – the purpose, vision, goals and task – of the organisation; how they are contributing to the building of commitment, relationships and team interactions that lead to effective outcomes. We support leaders in navigating through this organisational complexity, enabling them to shape the organisational world consciously with a view to organisational purposes and business results.

Specifically we

  • deliver consultations to leadership teams to address strategic and practical problems whilst also inviting learning for teams developing new ways for relating to and resolving dilemmas
  • support teams that lead transitions, strengthening reflexive, dialogical, imaginative, inclusive and ethical practice dimensions
  • support teams in leading transformations of the organisation at both strategic and operational levels through devising and facilitating inclusive, engaging and effective dialogical processes