Our Commitment

We are driven by our belief that communication is fundamental in constructing our humanity. In these terms, we find it useful to think of organisations as being made up of human exchanges within episodes of communicative interaction. It is our organisational conversations that have the power to make a difference to the way we live our organisational realities. It is in this spirit that we are catalysts for cultural interaction that is ethical, affirmative and reflexive. We aspire to enable those we work with to appreciate that they participate in creating the opportunities and constraints that make up the organisation; to appreciate that they have the power to make a difference and that small differences can have large effects over time.

  • Our commitment to ethical organisational practice means that we reflect on how what we do contributes to organisations being places worth inhabiting; how we position participants in organisations to be their most creative and effective; and how we can be useful to organisations in contributing to their ultimate purpose.
  • Our commitment to theory means that we offer frames, methodologies and tools to enable organisational participants to observe their own narratives and patterns and to make effective choices for the good of the system.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is an ethical but also a pragmatic position, believing that organisations, in the long run, can not afford to limit themselves to the perspectives and insights of just a few of its members and stakeholders.