The Systemic Organisational Practice Seminars 2023 | London – Online – Vienna


Seminars for systemic practitioners working in or with organisations in leadership, consulting and organisational development settings

From 9:30 until 16:30

At London - Online - Vienna

£1800. The early bird fee is £1650.

The Systemic Development Partnership /

Who are the Systemic Organisational Practice Seminars 2023 for?

As a systemic practitioner - leader, consultant and/or clinician - you have an interest and agency to contribute to the development of the organisation you are working in and with.  The Systemic Organisatonal Practice Seminars will facilitate your effective positioning and practising in relation to your organisational task, role, team and the wider organisation.  Seminars will contribute to your development as systemic leader and consultant and contribute to organisational learning and development.  The seminars also facilitate connectedness and exchange in the community of systemic organisational practitioners.

As a participant you will typically hold a diploma or master’s degree in systemic practice and / or have developed an interest in advanced systemic practice in organisational contexts and communities of practising.


Process and content

Each Systemic Organisatonal Practice Seminar will

  • facilitate practitioner engagement with systemic theory
  • offer possibilities for consultation and supervision in relation to current organisational dilemmas and opportunities
  • invite an exchange of experiences and ideas about good practice
  • Support agency and resourcefulness in participants.

The seminars are offered as an all-in group booking intended to facilitate the formation of a stable group to continue for a period of a year, with the possibility of continuing as a group thereafter.

Online seminars will be conducted using a professional Zoom account allowing to facilitate work in breakout rooms or facilitated sub-groups.

The booking includes the presentation materials and copies of papers provided in electronic format.

Themes and topics

Every seminar we will be offering a topic that relates to our 2023 theme of 'enriching leadership'.  Seminar topics facilitate a focus for enaging with systemic practical theories, for inputs and for participant contributions.  Seminar topics may evolve and develop in response to participants' feedback and preferences.

Seminar topics

Seminar 1 - Breaking patterns and creating the new

How can we move things on in an aesthetic way?  This workshop connects us with our systemic sensibilities, our sense making and strategic creativity to influence patterns of meaning making and acting on various levels.

Seminar 2 - Healing the post-traumatic organisation

How to move forward in the aftermath of change inflicted on us rather than chosen?  What are the perhaps rich learnings that can be taken forward.  What language is required for the past, the present and the future?

Seminar 3 - Leadership from within the crisis

How can we lead the organisation when crises are evident at political, societal, economical and personal levels?   This workshop connects us with our resources and limitations in managing uncertainty and complexity in systems.

Seminar 4 - Deconstructing our leadership – an exercise in reflexivity

What is it that we say, tell ourselves and actually do in day to day leadership?  What systemic ideas are influencing us in our strategizing, decision making and in our relating – and how can we improve our coherence as systemic leaders?



The Systemic Organisatonal Practice Seminars 2023 will comprise four two-day workshops, each from 9:30 – 16:30.  In case the seminar group size exceeded 12 participants the timing would be 9:00 - 16:30.  Seminar dates are

  • Seminar 1          27.2. & 28.2.      London
  • Seminar 2          22.5. & 23.5.      Online
  • Seminar 3          4.9. & 5.9.          Online
  • Seminar 4          27.11. & 28.11.   Vienna

The maximum group size is 16, the minimum number of participants is 6. 


Dr Christine OliverChristine Oliver Dr Martin MiksitsMartin Miksits


Seminar 1 will be in person at a London location, seminar 4 will be in Vienna.  Seminars 2 and 3 will be online.  Participants require a laptop, PC or notebook with a stable internet connection.  

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the course team reserves the right to move seminar 1 and 4 to online formats, if this is deemed necessary considering travel restrictions, the safety of participants, or to comply with government regulations.

LondonSystemic Leadership and Consulting Venue 1ViennaSystemic Leadership and Consulting Venue 2

Registration and fee

The cost for four seminars with a total of eight workshop days is 1650 pounds (excl. VAT) for registrations by November 30, 2022, thereafter 1800 pounds (excl. VAT). 

  • registration possible as of now
  • confirmed place on the program as of registration
  • payment within 14 days from registration

Fees include the provision of seminar rooms in London and Vienna. Coffee and tea in breaks. Travel and stay in London and Vienna are not included.

The above fees do not include VAT.  We have a limited possibility to provide the course VAT exempt (without VAT) which we offer for self-paying individuals and charities that are not registered for VAT.

Organisational buyers such as businesses, local government and governmental organisations, universities and the NHS, registered for VAT, will be billed the full course cost plus VAT. In case the course start has to be cancelled or deferred for any reasons participants will be reimbursed whatever they have paid.

Cancellation fee: 30% of fee up to 10 weeks before the first workshop, 80% up to 4 weeks before the first workshop, thereafter 100%.

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